Presentation format and guidelines

Guidelines for Oral Presentations
  • Presentations must be delivered in English, the official language of the IBA. The organizers may consider simultaneous translations into English if there are enough non-English speaking presenters. Please contact the conference organizers to make alternative arrangements for an IBA member to deliver your talk on your behalf. 
  • All presentations will be delivered in a theme based plenary session in order to accommodate all attendees. 
  • Presenters will be given a maximum of 15 minutes for their presentation plus 5 minutes for questions and transition to the next speaker. 
  • Session chairs will diligently enforce time limits for presentations so please practice your talk in advance and respect the speakers following you in the schedule. 
  • Oral presentations must be given as PowerPoint presentations. No other audio-visual formats are acceptable (eg. slide, video or overhead). All graphics and text must be in English. 
  • Presenters should provide their presentation to the technician operating the conference computer the evening before their session. 
  • Presentation files must be labelled as: SessionXX_LastName.ppt. 
  • An LCD projector will be provided in the conference session and all talks will be pre-loaded onto the conference computer. Presenters will not be permitted to use their own computer for presentations. 

PowerPoint Presentations - Guidelines
  • Prepare your presentation as a single Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 or 2007 file (.PPT/.PPTX) to run on an IBM-compatible machines. 
  • Computers available at the meeting will run PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2003, but may not be compatible with Mac or Office 2010. Do not save your file as a PowerPoint Show file (.PPS) 
  •  Microsoft Windows operating system is the only system that will be used at the conference. Please ensure your presentation is compatible with Windows.
Poster format and guidelines

Guidelines for Poster Presentations
  • Posters must be prepared in English, the official language of the IBA 
  • Standard poster size is 36 inches X 48 inches (90 cm X 120 cm). Maximum poster size is 48 in. (120 cm) wide by 48 in. tall (120 cm). Do not exceed the maximum poster size as your poster will not fit in the space available 
  • Poster boards and Velcro pads/ pins / tapes for attaching your poster to the poster board will be available 
  • Tables will not be provided. Small-sized copies of your poster (encouraged!), other pertinent literature, or business cards may be placed in an envelope and attached to the poster board for distribution 
  • Poster board allocations will be provided to presenters in advance or upon registration at the conference 
  • At least one author is expected to attend the poster during official poster sessions. A photo of the presenter may be included at the top of the poster below the title.

Preparing Posters - Guidelines
  • Keep text brief, reporting only key aspects of each section (i.e., Introduction, Study Area, Methods, Results, Discussion). 
  • Too much detail detracts from your message — beware of viewer fatigue 
  • Keep figures and tables simple. 
  • Photographs should clearly convey the information you want the viewer to see. 
  • Text and figures should be readable at a distance of 2 m.
  • Adjust font and image sizes accordingly—white backgrounds work best for text. 
  • Use simple typefaces. Bold font is effective for headings.