Silent Auction

Since Mexico 2007, beautiful pieces from all over the world are collected to raise funds to enable deserving students to attend the IBA Conferences.
Students and IBA members are asked to donate unique bear related crafts from their regions, and bring them to the conference. If you have photographic or artistic flair, please bring your photography and special art work to auction off as well.

 Here are some guidelines on what to bring (and what not to bring): 
  • Please bring good quality items. Interesting pottery or coffee mugs, regional honey or jams, wood carvings, jewellery or classic, rare books are all great ideas
  • You will be required to bring the item with you and deliver it to the registration desk when you arrive. If you have a truly unique item that you wish to donate, but cannot be brought with you (size or weight restrictions) please contact us to discuss whether or not special arrangements can be made
  • Photos and artwork will only be accepted if they are high-quality and unique. Please have them matted or framed prior to arrival
  • Items not bid on will be raffled as door prizes during the closing banquet unless specified otherwise. If you would like your item returned to you, it will be your responsibility to get it home with you again. We will not ship items back for you
Do Not bring items containing bear (or other wildlife) parts.
Do Not bring fire arms, or related material (casings/shells, ammunition etc.)
We will be grateful if you could send us information about your donation to Nishith or Ximena with the following information:
  1. Item name;
  2. Number of items (if duplicated or in a set);
  3. Detailed description(s) of the item(s) such as country/region of origin, how it was made, material used, cultural value, artist name etc. so we can print this information with the item label;
  4. Estimated value; and
  5. Contact information for donor, including email address.
We appreciate all your donations. They are contributing to a great cause!

For further information on any Student affair please do not hesitate in contact Nishith or Ximena